The Patient Expert Fellowship is an exclusive microgrant program that will financially support 5 patient leaders up to $4000 CAD to take part in EUPATI’s Fellows Programme. This will include financial support for the completion of all online components and courses, and the travel and accommodation for in-person event graduation. The Fellows Programme is a blended training in which participants take 6 online modules (containing 27 courses in total) and attend 2 face-to-face events (1 virtual and 1 in-person). Completing the full programme usually takes 12-14 months.


GlobalSkin believes in the power of informed, educated, and empowered patient leaders and wants to financially support this learning opportunity by offering the following:

  • Full financial scholarship to support your participation in the Patient Expert Scholarship.
  • Supported learning with GlobalSkin’s very own CEO, Jennifer Austin, who will be hosting a learners coffee chat every second month, until graduation from the program.
  • Connection with peers through a special WhatsApp group. In this informal chat, questions can be posed, study tips can be shared - all within a supportive and encouraging environment.


If you are interested in benefiting from the Patient Expert Scholarship, you will need to submit an application. The Patient Expert Scholarship is only available to five (5) patient leaders.

We will be reviewing applications on a first come, first served basis. Once applications have been approved, you will be connected by our Member Services Manager with the EUPATI Fellows coordinator who will facilitate the process of your enrollment into the Open Classroom Platform, and then into the Patient Expert Program.

GlobalSkin is excited for the opportunity to bring together the GlobalSkin Atopic Eczema Community during the ISAD 2022 Montreal conference taking place October 17-19th.  ISAD, created by Georg RAJKA, reunites health care providers, researchers and dedicated associations to expand and disseminate knowledge about the pathogenesis, the treatment of AD and to promote the holistic and personalized care of all patients suffering from it. 

This year's program will include a pre-meeting titled Organization of Care in Atopic Eczema, which will focus on bridging the gap between patients and doctors and will feature speakers from patient organization leaders, offering the patient perspective. 

GlobalSkin is also a hosting a side meeting for our Members from the GlobalSkin Atopic Eczema Community on Monday, October 17th, 5:00-6:30pm at the same venue, Le Centre Sheraton Montreal Hotel. 

Application Guidelines and Form

GlobalSkin is offering, for the first time, a travel bursary for GlobalSkin Members who wish to send one delegate to attend the ISAD 2022 Montreal conference. This bursary is intended to offset the cost of conference registration, travel, and accommodations for attending the conference. Payments for this bursary will be sent to the traveller after the event. Attendance at the GlobalSkin Atopic Eczema Community side-meeting is mandatory for eligibility.  Please note, there is a limit of 15 Travel Bursaries and applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis. 

Travel bursary payments will be in Canadian Dollars and based on the traveller's departure city as follows:

* Eastern North America - $1500 CAD

* Central and Western North America - $2000 CAD

* Europe - $2500 CAD

* Other Regions (Asia, Australia, South America, Africa etc) - $3000 CAD


Please note the following terms and conditions:
1. GlobalSkin Members may apply for funding for one delegate per organization

2. Approved travellers are responsible for coordinating their own conference registration, accommodations and travel

3. GlobalSkin can provide visa letters by request. Travellers are responsible for understanding and obtaining the necessary travel documents required to enter Canada

4. Attendance at the GlobalSkin Atopic Eczema Community side-meeting is mandatory for eligibility

5. Applications will be considered on a first-come-first-served basis to a maximum of 15 bursaries approved

6. The opportunity to apply will close after 15 approved bursaries or Sunday, September 11, 2022, whichever occurs first

7. Payments for this bursary will be sent to the traveller after the event

If you have any questions regarding the ISAD 2022 Montreal Travel Bursary, please contact Stephanie Miller (stephanie.miller@globalskin.org)

* you will be required to create a Submittable account to apply *

International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations