GlobalSkin’s Continuous Learning Series

GlobalSkin believes in enhancing the strengths of dermatology patient leaders as they support their patient community.

As patient leaders build and grow their skills and knowledge, they can more effectively engage in meaningful discussion with health officials, take part in research and raise awareness about the importance of serious dermatological diseases and their huge impact on daily life.

With these goals in mind, GlobalSkin has developed a special Member Program - the Continuous Learning Series. Partnering with strategic communities of interest and like-minded organizations, this Program will provide Members with learning opportunities at no cost to them, which will enhance their skills as patient advocates.

GlobalSkin Partners with EUPATI

In 2021, GlobalSkin is proud to launch the Continuous Learning Series by partnering with the European Patients’ Academy on Therapeutic Innovation (EUPATI) offering GlobalSkin Members an exciting opportunity to take part in the Open Classroom Training.

This Training will expand patient leaders’ knowledge and understanding of medicines research development, clinical trials development, and more, all with patient engagement top of mind! This training will enhance your role as a patient advocate, give you expertise in critical areas, and can be tailored to fit your personal learning goals.

There are several ways Members can participate from taking part in one or two courses, all the way to becoming a EUPATI Fellow. The versatility and options are based on Members’ needs, capacity, and importantly their time. 

Read more to learn the WHO, WHAT, WHY, and HOW of this inaugural Learning Series, on the GlobalSkin Continuous Learning Series information page. 

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